The Black Scarlet Saga
By R. A. Oakes
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Cover Art by Ellen Morris
"A must read"
This book is absolutely unreal. The literary visuals and "Right Now" action put this book in a league of its own. I am currently going through the book so quickly that I almost regret it. I do not want the book to end. I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of your desired genre. I thought that I would not like the time period this book is set in but a friend of mine insisted that this book would be liked by anyone who read it. Honestly, that is an understatement. This book can be summed up by the word FUN. It is so much fun to read. I am truly amazed by how much I love this book.
"Fun adventure"
A fresh take on an established genre. Not your lush tapestries with gloom and doom around every corner but a fun adventure. Light and entertaining like the Xena and Hercules series were (at least in the beginning) without being overwhelming. If you have shied away from fantasy novels in the past this may be a wonderful introduction for you. As a long time fan of sword and sorcery fantasy novels it was not the type I am accustomed to but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing where the next novel leads! 
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"R.A. Oakes comes thundering out of the gates in this 1st book in his series."
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"Highly Recommend
Black Crystal is so highly visual, it's like walking into a movie and having the action unfold all around you. It's like a DVD being compressed into a novel which then leaps back into movie format when you open the book. Pop some popcorn before you start reading, and you'll be all set.
"This book has some great fights in it. It is so well written that you can heat the swords clangin and the crystals shattering everywhere. A tale of good and evil, love and betrayal, and all that goes with that. Anxiously waiting for next book. Thank you Goodreads." 
-Goodreads Giveaway Winner
Shenandoah Valley newspaper article about R.A. Oakes and Dawn Rogers, the real-life woman who is the basis for Chen, the main character in the book series.

“I want my character to be alive and growing … and nobody can be a better character than Chen,” said Oakes. 

Article featured in the Shenandoah Journal & the Daily News-Record.

**The series is NOW also available on Kindle & Kindle Unlimited!